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Setting your intentions for the new year

Intention is the starting point of every dream. It is the creative power that fulfils all of our needs, whether for money, relationships, spiritual awakening, or love.” Deepak Chopra.

Setting intentions are an effective way to achieve a positive mental attitude, remain motivated and centred and ultimately lead a more mindful life. Intentions tend to be set on a short-term basis, and are a great way to start your day, week or month. This year, I felt the new year crept up on me, leaving me feeling quite unsettled and uncertain, and I am sure many people feel the same. I spent the first of January setting my intentions for 2021 to help me feel more confident going into the new year and help me feel more motivated.

After a few conversations with friends and family, I thought it might help someone out there who felt the same as I did, or for anyone simply needing a little guidance on where to start.

When you are ready to begin setting your intentions, grab a pen and a piece of paper, and get comfy. The process took me about 45 minutes, but can be flexible depending on your approach.

  1. Clear your mind. When thinking about your intentions it’s important to clear your mind from mental chatter and enter a space of stillness. This will not only help you relax, but it will help you think beyond barriers and enter a more creative mindset. In a space which makes you feel relaxed, take up to 10 minutes to practise conscious breathing, or following a guided meditation. I like to light a candle and have crystals close by to help cleanse my energy. This year I decided to use our Sensual candle, as I feel it’s important to feel in touch with your emotions and senses when practising such exercises.

  2. Reflect. Once you have completed your meditation and feel calm and still, take a moment to reflect for around 30 - 60 seconds. Have a think about any key moments from the past year that come to your mind, without thinking about them in too much detail, once you’ve thought of a moment, let it go. I try to think about the moments that have brought me the most joy, then challenges.

  3. Dream. When you are ready, begin to have a think about how you best enjoy your time. If you could spend everyday as you please, what would you be doing? If money and time were not an issue, what would you like to do? Jot down any thoughts as soon as they come to your mind, no matter how big or small, realistic or unrealistic the dream may feel. Practise this for around 15 minutes, allowing yourself to eliminate all barriers that come to mind. You might want to think about how you spend your personal time, or what you dream career might look like, or your relationship with yourself and others. I split my dreaming into “personal” and “business” which might work for you too.

  4. Digest. Review your scribbles and have a think about how these could manifest into the next year of your life. Is there anything specific you would like to focus on for the next year based on your reflections and dreams? Would you like to change anything in your day to day routine? Is there something you might have neglected over the past year, which you would like to spend more time on this year.

  5. Intend. Choose 2 - 4 things you would like to achieve from the next year. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and repeat your intentions to yourself 3 times. I set two intentions for my personal life, and 2 focused on my business. Once you have spoken them into the universe, simply let them go.


When you have finished, take a long deep breath and have a little stretch or a tea. The next step will be breaking down your intentions and turning them into digestible, bite-sized goals and plans. There are many ways you can do this, and we would recommend doing so the day after. Think about what you might need to do day-to-day to get a little bit closer to your end goal.

We hope this has helped you in setting your intentions for the new year! This is simply some guidance for those struggling based on how I set my long term intentions, so please do what feels best for you. Enjoy and Happy New Year all!

Rose x

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