The Harmos Company was founded on a passion for wellness and sustainability. Our founder Rose, started The Harmos Company following a journey of self discovery, leading to a path of mindfulness.


At The Harmos Company, our ambition is to create inner harmony in people's everyday lives with and bloom your wellbring with products created in harmony with nature.

All our products are handmade in small batches with an environmentally friendly approach to process and materials. All of our candles are made from a sustainably sourced, natural blend of coconut and rapeseed wax, which is free from paraffin, soy, palm, beeswax and synthetic additives. We chose to use our natural wax blend due to the various impacts other waxes have on our environment. We also use 100% natural essential oil blends which are meticulously crafted to help improve your wellbeing. 

We are a tiny company of just two people, Rose and her partner, Jake. Everything you see and everything you buy is the output of a lot of hard work and passion. We use and support local suppliers and small business that meet our standards and share our values. 

We hope our products fill you with happiness. Please contact us if you ever have any questions.